What we do? Support and consultancy in the area of BMU’s projects, Lifelines, Access systems, Structural glazing facade , structural glass with Silicon Glazing , Stainless steel guards and balustrades and special glass solutions, as well as consultancy for development projects in new international markets.

Pentagonal provides maintenance services to permanent BMU’s installed with a 24h service and provides lifeline maintenance service through scheduling. For any query or request of assistance please contact us. 24h Maintenance Team, Tlm.: 93 400 7075

Due to Pentagonal’s growth and the globalization of markets, we choose to invest in alternative markets. With more than 25 years of experience, we are able give support to international projects in order to develop new markets and innovative solutions.

Pentagonal believes in a close relationship between Architecture, design, manufacture and construction. Through our technical Department, Pentagonal provides consultancy and support services in the areas of Glass fitting systems, Glass Facades, BMU, lifelines and access systems, railing systems in stainless steel and special glass solutions.

Our basic activity is the commercialization of architectural products: Structural glazing facade , Curved and Special Glass, structural glass with Silicon Glazing, Stainless steel Guards and Balustrades, BMU’s, Lifelines and other access for maintenance systems of facades and roofs.