Dry Ice and Duct Cleanning

Triventek AS was founded in the UK in 1999, based in a revolutionary technology of Dry Ice and Duct Cleanning. In the following year, Triventek, acquired production facilities in Roskilde Denmark along with more than 10 years of experience in cleaning buildings. The wide range of products and the optimization of production processes strengthened its position as a leading provider of inspection and duct cleaning equipment by remote control to the world market AVAC.
In 2001, Triventek began the  manufacture of dry ice blasters, the pelletizers and units recovery of dry ice.
Now, from their facilities in Asperup, Denmark, they are currently exporting to the world and have customers such as BMW, VW, Bridgestone, ISS, Continental, DIW and many more.Triventek  is seeking new challenges and  new customers in the area of dry ice cleaning.

Each year since the introduction of dry-ice blasting, TRIVENTEK has made innovative steps towards making this technology more affordable, yet with higher performance.
TRIBLAST – offers a user-friendly control panel. Easy to use with a single hose, it givesa supersonic speed and is a very low weight and compact machine easy to transport and move around. Maximise range of dry ice flow rates from 10 to 200 kg per hour (supplied standard with 30-80 kg/hr airlock plate). Operates with 1.7 to 4 mm pellets.
Gives unlimited number of combinations to optimize blast performance.

This revolutionary equipment sets new standards for producing dry-ice. With the PE80 ,dry-ice can be manufactured where and when its wanted – quickly, efficiently and cheaply.
The equipment can be integrated into a chilling process line for the food, pharmaceutical and other temperature- ensitive industries, and, with the addition of a blaster, can be used for automated cleaning operations. It is recommended that a Triventek RE80 Recovery Unit is also used to maximise efficiency and productivity.

The new Recovery Unit from Triventek collects all the escaping ‘revert’ gas from the dry ice production, which in smaller systems is normally wasted and simply vented to atmosphere. The unit chills and compresses the gas back into liquid CO2 which is then reused to produce more dry ice pellets in a continuous process.
The recycling becomes a continuous process and will reduce production costs by 50% and rapidly increase operating margins and profits. Payback periods under 12 months are easily achievable.

The TDB robot is a multi-functional, go-anywhere, platform capable of cleaning, inspecting, spraying and coating/repairing ductwork, all under the complete visual control of the operator.
The equipment can work in ductwork from approx 200mm up to approx 2500mm height, and can usefully substitute for man-entry in hazardous or otherwise difficult circumstances. The small size of the TDB robot enables it to fit into a standard access door of only 300 mm and the low weight of only 13 kg makes it easy to lift and manoeuvre into the duct. The TDB robot has 4-wheel drive and can operate with up to 30 metres of cable and relatively heavy airless spray, disinfectant or compressed air hoses, or up to 60m with umbilical cable only (i.e. for brushing, video, motor and lights functionality).

The Jetvent Inspector by Triventek has been designed not only to inspect the inside of ductwork before and after duct cleaning but also as an important tool for sales people in a ductcleaning company.
The Inspector comes in a small easy to carry flight case of only 7 kg total weight and can be set up in less than 30 seconds. It is also the first on the market to use computer technology to capture images and record movies straight on to a laptop computer using video capture hardware. In this way no separate monitor or video recorder is needed.

The Jetvent Duct Cleaner by Triventek is the result of many years of experience in the duct cleaning industry. It combines the strength of a powerful industrial engine with a lightweight compact design which together with special shaft technology provides a long term solution for effective cleaning of ductwork.
The Jetvent Duct Cleaner equipment uses innovative new technology. All brush shafts break from time to time – they are a difficult compromise between flexibility and power transmission. We believe that customers want the ease-of-use and productivity of a light, flexible and easy-to-manouevre brush shaft. The operative does not want to be hamstrung by heavy, inflexible power transmissions.