CRICURSA, Curved and Special Glass

CRICURSA, S.A. was founded in Barcelona on February 20th, 1928.
The research, quality and good customer service have been the key to the growth of this company, allowing it to be present worldwide in projects with curved tempered and toughened glass, sferic glass and special laminated bent glass. Bended glass up to 3200x10000mm.
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Curved tempered glass is achieved through a process of heating, bending and a fast cooling stage. The result is the formation of high compressive stresses on the glass surfaces. This effect produces a greater resistance to any mechanical and thermal stress.
• Smaller risk of breakages due to thermal shock.
• Greater resistance to any mechanical stress (wind, snow loads, etc.)
• A must when point fixing systems are used.

Crisunid is a material which combines the concept, contemporary feel and beauty of curved glass with the high technology, security and performance available from glass laminated with polyvinyl butyral. Crisunid consists of curved safety glass made up of two or more pieces of float glass, sandwiched with layers of polyvinyl butyral which prevents glass from shattering in the event of impact.
Other products in Crisunid line:
Crisunid P Omnigard – Laminated glass with polycarbonate.
Hurricane resistant – Laminated glass that is very resistant to strong gusts of wind.

Crisunid Acoustic is a laminated glass made up of 2 or more pieces of float glass sandwiched with one or more layers of PVB offering both properties of acoustic reduction and safety.
Noise Reduction: 64/2 Crisunid Acoustic
RW = 38 dB

Crislan is an insulating and soundproof glass composed of two or more separated glass layers which form a sealed air space. The perimeter of the unit is subsequently sealed with silicone in order to guarantee the seal of the air space.
Crislan reduces the “cold wall” effect in the areas closest to the windows and prevents condensation on the glass surface. It also provides complete impermeability which prevents water vapour from entering the air space (humidity penetration index I <0.01).

Cricursa’s new laminated glass product, the process of bonding glass to a thin veneer of translucent marble, CRIMAR® is an elegant and exclusive product.
It combines the high quality and novelty of natural stone with the security of laminated glass. With its strength and beauty in both interior and exterior applications, CRIMAR® satisfies the needs of the most prestigious architectural and interior design firms worldwide.

Decorative aluminum and stainless steel architectural meshes laminated to glass panels provide a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.
Cricursa CRIMETAL® melds the high visual quality of metals with the security of laminated glass. Combined with specialty interlayers, CRIMETAL® can provide high performance characteristics including solar control and color.
CRIMETAL® is normally manufactured using tempered glass, although annealed can be considered for certain applications. It can be provided either laminated or as double glazing.

Cridecor Sentryglas® Expressions™ is a new decorative glass manufacturing concept, which enables the architect or the interior designer to create dramatic designs or lifelike photographic images in a laminated safety glass.
Cridecor Sentryglas® Expressions™ lets you create a wide range of transparency levels. By combining different types of butyrals or by applying colour gradients it is possible to achieve a greater image contrast or a higher privacy level. With Cridecor Sentryglas® Expressions™ it’s easy to achieve near anything your mind imagines.

This is a floor-ready laminated glass with a non-slip layer deposited on the upper sur-face, forming various geo-metric shapes – lines, circles, squares etc. – which further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Criblind is a clear, bullet resistant safety glass which is composed of several layers of float glass sandwiched between layers of polyvinyl butyral.
The Criblind line, also includes Criblind P Omniarmor.
Criblind P Omniarmor is manufactured with a polycarbonate layer on the inside, to prevent the glass from spalling. In addition, it is abrasion -and scratch- resistant. Criblind P Omniarmor offers the same level of projectile impact resistance as other types of clear armoured glass with a weight reduction of over 40%. Furthermore, it provides a high level of light transmission without distorting the image.

Crisunid California is a hightechnology laminated glass with a solar control film XIR (50 µ thick) that is placed between two interlayers of PVB. Its main feature is the way it selectively controls infrared solar energy, while giving high visiblelight transmission.
• Over 70% light transmission.
• Over 50% solar heat reflection.
• 99% ultraviolet protection.