Fall arrest and safety

Setup of Fallprotec SA in 2004 as Specialists in fall arrest and safety restraint systems and Height Access. With 20 years of experience in this business, is responsible for Concept and Development of fall protection systems, anchor devices, and fall safe lifeline systems, and launching and marketing of the branded products Securope, Securail, Pro-Light, and many others. Also provide engineering services for fall arrest lanyard systems and Height Safety  Equipment
Since 2004 worldwide marketing approach of Fallprotec and more than 15 international patents.
For more information please visit: www.fallprotec.com.

The anchoring device SecuRope is a horizontal cable lifeline system that ensures 6kN as the maximum load on the worker in the event of a fall and 12 kN on the end anchors. The components withstand the forces without permanent deformation. The overhead and wall configuration ideally for industrial halls as the fall factor is reduced. EN795:2012 Type C / CEN/TS16415.

The anchoring device SecuRail is a horizontal rail lifeline system that ensures that the maximum load on the structure in the event of a fall does not exceed 7 kN. The components withstand forces with a minimum deformation. EN795:2012 Type D.

The SkyWalk is a deadweight anchor on a roof that consists of a polyethylene shell filled with a ballast. The stability of the equipment is ensured by the self weight of the SkyWalk and mounted in different configurations. The SkyWalk can be installed temporarily or permanently. Modules are also available for different layout configurations on the roof. Consult us for SecuRope installation on SkyWalk. EN795:1996 Type E / Type D.

The anchoring device SafeAccess is designed to protect against fall from height 1 to 3 people, simultaneously attached to the rail. The components withstand a fall without permanent deformation. The system is also intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. EN795:2012 Type D.