FITECHNIC, Structural glazing facade

Pentagonal presents a renewed point fixing glass facades design: Fitechnic. These solutions for curtain walls are now a part of contemporary architecture and an elegant way to achieve the maximum transparency of a building envelope.
Through the development of Fitechnic system with special glasses, you are able to achieve the best protection against environmental pollution, noise and solar radiation. This is a simple system of spider fittings and articulated bolts (or rotules), to establish assembled panels of glass (monolithic tempered, laminated and tempered double tempered) projects that will give clean and an unique look.
The biggest advantage of this glass hardware is the ability to regulate the installation and three-dimensional capabilities of design.
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The FITECHNIC® System is composed of several products such as: spiders, rotules and other complements accessories that serve as a connection to the main structure.
We also have other systems and solutions without the need for drilling the glass or main structure.

A structural glazing facade with stainless steel cables allows cleaner facades without metallic structures. Using spiders connected with rod and connected through the tensioned cables we can obtain maximum transparency and optimum visual aesthetical appearance.

Articulated bolt Rotule for outdoor application in AISI 316 stainless steel for joining glass to spiders. We have available in our product range several options of rotules, for conical or cylindrical hole, with cap, for external or internal aplplication, for laminated or double glass with or without laminate or with the option for the conical cap to embedded in the glass.
See the video for RCT series testing

Spiders to join glass panels in stainless steel AISI 316, made in micro fusion process. Several finishes and distances available.