LIFELINES – Installation, certification and maintenance

Pentagonal offers the services of supply, installation, certification and maintenance of lifelines.
Lifelines are fall protection systems that allow the user freedom of movement (horizontal and / or vertical). Lifeline solutions are developed according to each project and are certified according to EN795.

The anchoring device SecuRope is a horizontal cable lifeline system that ensures 6kN as the maximum load on the worker in the event of a fall and 12 kN on the end anchors. The components withstand the forces without permanent deformation. The overhead and wall configuration ideally for industrial halls as the fall factor is reduced. EN795:2012 Type C / CEN/TS16415.

The SecuRail horizontal rail anchoring device is a rigid and versatile fall arrest system that ensures that the maximum load on the structure in the event of a fall does not exceed 7 kN. The components withstand forces with minimal deformation. EN795: 2012 Type D.

Davits are discreet solutions, easily hidden and light that allow you to carry out maintenance or cleaning work on a facade. They can be used by rope access specialists, a RopeClimber chair or a RopeClimber cradle.
The davit is fixed to the roof with sockets installed permanently on the perimeter of the building. All equipment is in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EEC and in accordance with the European Standard – EN1808: 2015.

The Safeacess anchoring device is designed to protect 1 to 3 people from falling from a height, simultaneously connected to a rail. The components resist falling without permanent deformation.
The RopeClimber chair is a hybrid system that allows the user to work sitting and standing, so that the worker has a wide range of movements and range, including over the head. Can be used with the SafeAccess rail.
All accessories are in compliance with the European Standard – EN1808: 2015.