Balustrade Railing Systems

Q-railing has developed over the past 10 years, its business of manufacturing and commercializing balustrade railing systems in aluminium profile and stainless steel, according to UE standards of manufacturing and obeying to a high quality control, to combine aesthetics and efficiency in a surprisingly attractive manner.
Their experience, along whit constant search for solutions of design and innovation, enable Q-railing to develop and design versatile systems of stainless steel balustrades, that are easy to assemble, as well as frameless glass and glass balustrades components, with a variety of forms, styles and colours.
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Easy Glass system is an innovative and modern line of guards in glass , consisting of various types of products , all certificates for various types of use:
Easy Glass Hybrid
Easy Glass Pro
Easy Glass Slim
Easy Glass Max
Easy Glass 3Kn
Solutions for glass thicknesses from 8.76 to 31.52 mm thickness.
With the Easy Glass System, Q-Railing has succeeded to combine aesthetics and efficiency in a surprisingly attractive manner.

Due to the wide variety of styles and options of Q -railing line, it is possible to have full control over your railing design. With round, square or flat shape, with wooden handrail, glass body, or stainless steel cable. The possibilities are endless …
Q-railing stands for quality German engineering. Our extensive range of products that use premium materials, mainly stainless steel 304 and 316.

If you are looking to add some light to your railing system, why not go for Q-lights. It is our new easy to install integrated LED light system. Q-lights benefit from high-quality, long-lasting lights to provide added safety and create atmosphere both on indoor and outdoor projects. Q-lights is available for tube 42,4 x 2 mm and 48,3 x 2 mm.

People with an eye for industrial design feel completely at home with Q-railing.
The new Q-easy web provides an alternative effect to balustrades and railings. Q-easy web is available in standard heights of 800 mm and 600 mm with widths made to measure.
The Q-Easy fix is available in cables with 3 or 6mm, both in stainless steel 304 and 316, for indoor and outdoor installations.

Q-Naturail and Q-Bendywood: Q-railing wood products, both wood railings and curved wood.

Stainless steel and glass constructions are trademarks of modern architecture.
Yet, it’s no paradox that a material as fragile as glass can meet today’s strict building code requirements. Q-railing glass clamps are absolutely secure and comply with DIN/EN 12600, the European standards for impact safety. When it comes to Q-railing glass solutions, one thing is perfectly clear: style and safety go hand in hand.
The advantages of Q-railing glass clamps:
• certified clamps for fast approval;
• glass width maximum 1600 mm;
• all glass clamps have been tested for Monolithic and laminated glass;
• tested for indoor and outdoor applications.