Walkways and Suspended Platforms

Rostek Oy, was founded more than 20 years ago, and it specializes in design and manufacturing systems to access facades and skylights for maintenance and cleaning.
They use modern technology of aluminium profiles for making aluminium monorail tracks, ladders and vertical platforms, motrized or manual, moving either above or below the skylights, allowing easy way access, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety in the maintenance of the buildings exterior.
Ladders, gantries, walkways and suspended platforms may have a variety of forms, from curves, telescopic, triangular, etc., adapting itself fully to the architecture project. Aluminium rails are also used to suspend BMUs.

A traditional monorail is an access solution, where a track runs along the facade following the shape of the building. The facade can then be accessed by using a suspended platform. In addition to monorail systems, Rostek offers track systems for gantries and ladders. A range of 6 different aluminium tracks solve difficult and demanding access problems in an economical way. Tracks are delivered either mill-finished, natural anodised or powder coated to any RAL colour. Track lenghts are always optimised for each project.
Rostek aluminium monorail types:
RS133 – used for all applications with horizontal curves for EC suspended platforms 2 men
RS110 – fácil de esconder em tecto e aplicar a curvaturas suaves
RS127 – utilizado para planos inclinados ou verticais
RS63 – para aplicação de passerelles

Roslift 400 is a special climbing trolley designed to be used on a monorail to suspend a platform. Roslift 400 can climb any slope, even vertically. The rated load is 400 kg. The Roslift trolley can only be used on Rostek RS127- track. Rostek 1-man suspended platform or boatswain’s chair can be used with one Roslift 400. It is also possible to suspend a 2-men suspended platform from two Roslift trolleys.
A Roslift 400 has two power packs and it works on the friction between its wheels and the aluminium track. Roslift is designed to work safely even on wet or frosty tracks thus enabling around the year service in most weather conditions. CE approved equipment.

Rostek produces both CE-approved 1-man or 2-men standard platforms and the possibility for modular suspended platforms for lengths up to 20 m. All platforms have PowerClimber hoists and safety devices. In case of motorised trolleys being used, all controls can be built into control box. Platforms are also equipped with castor wheels for moving them easily on ground.
Suspended platform can also be used for interior access to skylights instead of permanent gantries. The platform can traverse along horizontal or inclined Rostek monorails, which are laid out to enable access to all parts of the skylight.

An aluminium ladder moving along Rostek track offers a practical and economical solution for various inclined and vertical glass facades or roofs. Many special solutions are available including telescopic, curved and pyramid ladders. A ladder with vertically moving platform or a boxladder offer an alternative for a suspended platform in some projects.
Types of Ladders:
– Telescopic Ladders
– Curved Ladders
– Pyramid Ladders
– Ladder with Vertically moving platform

Rostek makes both interior and exterior gantries for most varying and challenging applications. The Rostek design together with special profiles enable us to have gantries with free spans exceeding 30m. Our strong, yet light and easily traversing gantries are an ideal solution for maintaining large skylights. The gantries are designed to blend in with the architecture. Both curved and angled gantries are made to meet exact requirements of each project. Telescopic gantries are used to maintain irregularly shaped skylights giving access to areas otherwise hard to reach. Traverse either manually or electrically on Rostek-tracks. RS133-track offers the unique option to have either a suspended platform or a vertical ladder together with a gantry using the same track and freely passing each other.