Silicon Glazing and Special Glass

Under special glasses and glass envelopes, we can offer several solutions appropriate to the specificity of various kinds of architecture and design projects, namely our Silicon Glazing Glass.
Here we highlight the Silicon Glazing system (structural glass siliconized – VES), which can be applied to any type of glass , in situations of difficulty of placement on different types of structure, eliminating the aluminum frame in the façade
We also provide special glasses as, non reflective glass, fire resistant glass, colored glass and also glass tubes and special curved glass for application in various industries and in many different environments.

Sfera is a company operating in the glass sector, whose thirty years of experience have allowed a continuous technological renewal, and answers to the most demanding requirements and customized industry. Glass Sfera has applications in various industries: furniture, lighting, construction, refrigeration; and in various environments. The company is certified ISO 9001 : 2008, and the products are manufactured in accordance with EN 12150-1 over the fragmentation test or NI EN 14749. Glass Sfera can have contact with food ( Nonfood test ) according to the Italian Law (Decree Ministerial21 / 03/ 73) as well as the inks used are in accordance with the ROHS Directive 2011/65 / EU.

The Silicon Glazing envelopes and façades unite the glass, which is an abundant, insubstiruível and recyclable, the silicone material, which is a material of a surprisingly versatile, capable of absorbing with strength efforts and dilations, resist aging, UV rays, high or low temperatures, chemical attacks, with lasting stability and high capacity hydrophobic.
The system consists of encapsulating parts of a pre extruded silicone rubber profile with hardness, colour and appropriate chemical composition to give a rigid part and precise shapes. It can be applied to any type of glass (tempered, laminated , enamelled or common) and façade cladding materials (stainless steel, aluminium, stone, wood), and gives the piece a characteristic of a central rigid body (glass) with controllably flexible edges , making it secure and virtually unbreakable.
This system can be applied to various types of structure, eliminating the aluminium frames and in situations of great difficulty of placement, depending only on a settlement plan.
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